Department of Natural Sciences


About us

The Department of Natural Sciences is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training. In October 1995, it was headed by prof. V.V. Carmazin. In 2009, the head of the department was Dr. Sci., professor M.A. Omarov. Since 2015 and present time, the head of the Department of Natural Sciences – Ph.D., associate professor Lukyanova Victoria Anatolievna, whose continuous experience in scientific and educational activities at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics is over 25 years.

Before the establishment of the Department of Natural Sciences, academic disciplines were read by representatives of various departments of the university, which complicated both the process of formation of personnel and the improvement of teaching methods. Nowadays the department unites highly qualified teachers who carry out thorough educational and methodical activities, have extensive experience working with foreign students and listeners, and speak foreign languages. The department consists of professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, methodologist of the 1st category and a leading engineer.

The Department of Natural Sciences provides a broad and thorough training base for foreign students. During the academic year foreign students acquire basic knowledge of all basic disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, drawing, economics and socio-economic geography, which broaden the worldview and raise the level of education. The Department of Natural Sciences developed a unique methodology for holding classes in multilingual groups of foreign students. The process of teaching at the department is based on the pedagogical skill and the availability of teaching subjects. It contributes to the acquisition of lexical, terminological, grammatical material by students and ensures qualitative learning of knowledge with further education at universities. In 2009, the teachers of the department began to teach subjects from the cycle of fundamental, natural and general economic training for foreign students of the I-II year bachelor’s training.

The scientific work of the teachers of the department covers a wide range of research, improvement of innovative teaching methods of teaching disciplines. Teachers of the department also prepare textbooks that provide high-level classes. Thus, textbooks on mathematics (Victoria Lukyanova), physics (Murad Omarov, Victoria Troitska), informatics (Lana Morozova), biology (Iryna Barkova), chemistry (Oleg Kontar, Iryna Barkova), drawings (Tetiana Sergienko), country studies (Kovtsur,  Morozova, Didenko) – they received stamps of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Teachers of the Department are regular participants of Ukrainian and international conferences and seminars. The results of scientific researches of the lecturers of the department are published in all-ukrainian and international scientific journals. In addition, the teachers of the department are authors of many educational and methodological works in co-authorship with the teachers of other universities.

The staff of the department constantly works on the development of student’s scientific work, organizational and educational work and is engaged in the adaptation of foreign students.